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Having collected a few quotes from other DJs in the area, yours came out as one of the most expensive. Surely all mobile DJs do essentially the same thing, don’t they?

Sadly not all mobile DJs are the same and the industry is a classic example of ‘you get what you pay for’. A good way to think of it is rather than you’re paying someone to turn up and play a bunch of records for your guests, you’re actually charging someone with the considerable responsibility of making sure the greatest night of your life is a party that no one will ever forget.

Food, venue, cake and dress are all important things in shaping your big day, but what will really make your wedding reception stand out in the memory is how much fun your guests all had well into the night. By far and away the biggest determining factor in that will be how full the dance floor was, and the difference between a talented, engaged, experienced professional and a disinterested part-time DJ who is going through the motions is frequently the difference between your guests chanting “One more tune! One more tune!” and singing their hearts out to the very end, or them discreetly calling for taxis around 10:30pm.

Offbeat will ensure that your party ends with a bang and not a whimper.

Numerous wedding exit surveys show that most couples would have, in retrospect, spent more of their budget on entertainment if they could go again. For the total amount a typical wedding costs, money invested in your DJ is money well spent.

You say that you DJ at clubs and festivals, does that mean that you’ll be playing more of a 'club' set? I’m not sure that’s what we’re looking for…

No, absolutely not. My career outside of wedding events is something quite separate to what I do at weddings. My absolute priority is make sure that every last person at your reception has fun dancing to the songs they know and love. However one of the aspects of Offbeat that sets us apart from the competition is my ability to take my experience of playing at bars, clubs and festivals and transfer those skills (mixing, reading different crowds etc.) to your wedding reception. Furthermore, should you be looking for a certain ‘underground genre’ set after midnight, then I can cater for that with electro-swing, hip-hop or drum and bass (amongst others) that very few other wedding DJs can provide. But otherwise no, all the music will be very familiar and largely chosen by you in advance.

How would you describe your style on the decks?

My style on the decks is to pace the night so that the genres you want get played in the order that will work well for your guests. This usually means starting with some Motown before moving on to Disco and Funk and then into classics from the 80’s and 90’s before moving into the music you’ve specifically requested and moving towards more current chart trends before ending with some feel good sing-along tunes to end the night on a real high. Of course I massively value your input into the process if you have something else in mind. By default I play tried and tested dance classics rather than sliding into the more cheesy side of things, unless that is what you want.

I mix the music wherever possible according to style and BPM to ensure that the music flows well through the night and there are no lulls in energy on the dance floor between tracks. Where certain genres are working well I can extend that part of my set whilst remaining flexible enough to move things along should the need arise. I have been told also that I have an infectious energy behind the decks that helps people really get into the music.

I will use the microphone for making announcements (first dance, lost ear-ring, time at the bar) but otherwise the microphone stays out of sight whilst the music is playing. I do not organise ‘dance-offs’, make jokes or introduce the tracks as I play them.

What will you be wearing?

Glad you asked. I dress much like any other guest at your wedding because in many ways that is what I am. I wear smart suit trousers, shiny shoes, a white shirt with collar, a tie and waistcoat. And sometimes a wool trilby. I have no visible tattoos and have a sensible haircut.

Will you be: dashing out a cigarette every 10 minutes, putting on a mix and disappearing for ages, singing over the top of the music, making sexist jokes on the microphone, turning up with friends or hangers on or getting drunk? (all things that I have seen DJs do at weddings)

No. DJing requires my absolute full concentration and I make sure that it is the music that takes centre stage and that the night is memorable for all the right reasons. My reputation means everything to me and I am proud to provide my clients with a totally professional service that goes above and beyond what you’re looking for.

How long do you play for? Is there an extra cost if we want music with our meal or want you to stay on later than midnight?

I take the approach that once you’ve booked me for your reception, I’m yours for as long as you need me. I can only play one wedding a night and there are no extra charges involved for providing music with your meal or staying on till 2am.

How will you deal with requests?

My policy is to play requests that fit with the overall flavour of the evening and politely 'manage' the ones that I think will kill the dance floor, often by suggesting alternatives. Managing requests is one of the toughest aspects of being a DJ and experience is vital in this regard. Fortunately I have plenty.

Sounds great! How does the booking process work?

In order to complete the booking and close the date off for all other enquiries I just a need a deposit of 50% to be paid by online transfer or cash paid into my account at any branch of Lloyds. Once that has been received I will confirm it by email and provide a receipt should you need one for insurance purposes or your peace of mind. The deposit is non-refundable for any reason unless I should be unable to perform at your reception due to illness or any other reason, in which case all money paid or due shall be returned within 28 days. (It’s never happened). The remainder of the payment is due one week before the date of your reception.

In most cases a contract isn’t necessary but one can be provided if required. From there we can arrange further consultation closer to the time, after I have received the consultation form back (either as a PDF by email or by post). This can be done by telephone or by Skype, or if we are not to far from each other in person.

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